Four Years In The Making

bookIt’s a banner day, my faithful readers. For all the years that I have been writing this column, I have intermittently spoken about a phantom “book” that I was writing. The book, an autobiography, tells the story of how I have lived my life with Rheumatoid Arthritis, 25 years in the making. Those of you who have been faithfully following my column have heard the story of “the book” in bits and pieces, but to celebrate finally finishing my magnum opus, I figured I’d post a sort of retrospective of my time here at CJ, and tell the story of the inception of my book, from beginning to end.

Many times before, people have asked how long I have written for Creaky Joints. My answer usually was something like “oh two years or so,” mainly because I never really checked the exact date I began my career here at CJ. Because this is such a momentous occasion, though, I finally did check the exact date I began to contribute to this fine website, and it turns out, as best as I can determine, that I have been writing here since the end of 2009. Let’s call it December.

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