Where Have All The Good Men Gone? Skydiving.

skydivingA week ago, Kay S. Hymowitz had a piece featured in the¬†The Wall Street Journal¬†entitled “Where Have All The Good Men Gone?” The column argues that women in their 20s and early 30s are having trouble finding suitable mates because men of the same age group are living a sort of “extended adolescence,” as she puts it. Now, I usually stick to technology or health related issues, but this time I decided to make an exception. Someone has to speak for the opposition.

Being in the age group in question myself and also being single, I am in a unique position to provide a counterpoint to the claims made by Hymowitz. I have been on a number of dates in the past year, and have been doing so for a significant amount of time now. Why? Well, because I desire the same things Hymowitz claims that most men lack: to find a partner who loves me as much as I love them, and eventually start a family. Shocked? We’ll you shouldn’t be. There are many of us “men” out here who are not just looking for the next warm bed.

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