War On Drugs Is A War On Pain Pills!

pillsboozeLast time, I wrote a piece on the nightmare that getting pain medicine has become for those of us who take heavy narcotics. Due to the degenerative nature of autoimmune diseases, pain and discomfort are at the very heart of these illnesses. As you may have seen in the feedback from the previous post, it is not just me that is having an issue, and it is not just a problem here in New York.

I have to admit that I did not expect such a large response when the column went live. I knew that many of us who suffer from autoimmune disease take pain medication, but I didn’t think so many were having problems, and in so many different areas of the United States, too! California, Maryland, Ohio, South Carolina, and Florida, were just several of the states that people contacted me from. Despite the vast distances between these locales, the stories were nearly identical.

Most involved a patient such as myself – someone who was at the stage in their disease where the only remedy for quality of life was narcotics. Lately, when these people tried to obtain their pills, the pharmacy they had been going to for years suddenly denied them the much-needed medicine. The excuses given ranged from new laws being passed to stock and ordering issues, but the result always ended up the same – once again, the people who need help most got screwed.

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