Valentine’s Day Broken Heart

Broken HeartLast week, I told you how I had planned for this year, 2012, to be the year of me, the year when things really started to pick up. Unfortunately, it seems that the year has already started badly, with the news that my heart damage is likely permanent. To find out if this is indeed true, I underwent a scan of my heart this past week. Much to my chagrin, it was discovered, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that my heart is truly damaged beyond repair.

As you can imagine, finding out that your heart is not functioning at 100% efficiency can be sobering. Now, I am facing a procedure in the next month to get a defibrillator installed. This is ultimately due to the fact that my heart is pumping about 20% percent less blood per beat than it is supposed to. To determine this percentage of damage, I had an ejection fraction test last week.

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