The Dangers Of ‘Nerfing’ The World For Our Kids

corner-protectorsAs you wait in the check-out line at the local drug store, a mother takes out a small travel bottle of hand sanitizer. She proceeds to use it not only on her own hands, but on her children’s hands as well. Or, you reach for the peanut butter to make “PB and J” for your child’s school lunch. Suddenly you remember that your child’s school has a “no-peanut” policy. Or maybe even while at the park you see children running around, and out of breath, one of the children approaches the public water fountain. Before he can put lips to the spigot, his mother comes running over with a bottle of water in her hand. “Don’t ever drink tap water!” she tells her son.

I can say with almost 100-percent assuredness that all of us have been privy to at least one event similar to those above. You may have thought it innocuous at the time, but each of those examples is indicative of a much larger issue. For the better part of 20 years, many of us have been participating in the “Nerfing” of our world. Our attempts to file-down the “sharp corners” of all aspects of everyday life has produced a “made-for-TV” quasi-existence that our children are experiencing in greater numbers every year.

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