The Customer Is Always On Hold

on_holdWhat an age we live in. Just fifteen short years ago, who would have ever thought it possible to converse with a cyborg over the telephone? Never in my wildest dreams would I think to pick up my home telephone, dial 1-800-anything and reach a robot with a woman’s voice that talked to me as if she truly wanted to be my friend. Will wonders never cease?

Of course, the reality of the situation is far from the technological utopia we all got sold on. Those ivory tower eggheads continue to fix things that are not broken, and we end up paying the price. When a human being answered the phone after calling a customer support line, what part was so unbearable that we had to relegate the task to an automaton? And now any corporation worth its salt has a robotic phone answering system. This is supposedly to weed out the callers who really don’t need to speak to a human being. Unfortunately, I missed the memo that listed the sect of consumers who were no longer deemed worthy of human contact. Apparently, there are a growing number of us who fall into that particular category of which I am now a proud member. Robot-kind has seen fit to revoke my live-human conversation privileges. It all happened so fast.

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