The Continuing Adventures Of The Bionic Man

bionicThose of you who have been following my work for a while know that I have had prosthetic hips for almost twenty years now. I dislocated the left hip about a month ago (you can read the account here) and had to endure a six-hour trip to the emergency room. Indirectly, the hip incident resulted in the prospect of a new joint replacement ordeal, and the old concerns and fears are cropping up once again.

How did the dislocation of one prosthetic joint lead to the potential replacement of another joint, you ask? Well, it happened purely by accident. Because I had dislocated my hip recently, I thought it would be a good idea to see my joint replacement surgeon for a check up. I arrived an hour ahead of my appointment in order to have both of my hips x-rayed beforehand so that my surgeon could have the films on-hand for my exam. I was extremely anxious while I waited to see the man who replaced one of my hips because I was unsure what damage, if any, the recent dislocation had done. There was a chance that I was going to have to get the entire hip ripped out and replaced for a second time, which was what I was told would have to happen if ever the prosthetic slipped out of place.