Tales From The Therapy Crypt

crypt-weightThose of us who suffer from any disease that affects our body physically – be it actual deformity or simply a loss of bone mass or strength – eventually face the question of whether or not to begin a course of physical therapy. Now, I’m sure most of you are saying “of course therapy, how can there be any question?” Well, there certainly is no question that the right kind of therapy will benefit your greatly, but you must be prepared to search out the therapy and therapist that is right for you. There is a whole section of physical therapy out there that has no experience in dealing with clinically-ill therapy patients. Sports heroes we are not.

I was blissfully unaware of this fact when I was young, and on top of that, back then, my parents were in charge. Since there was no internet when I was first diagnosed, we only had word of mouth and the Yellow Pages. (Remember that old book? It gave us phone numbers printed on paper. How kitsch is that?) So, my Mother set up an appointment.

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