Virtually Normal

oculus_vr_virtual_reality_oculus_rift_game_gamer_amazedAnother post was missed, and that was my latest on The Huffington Post.  This one is a piece on the exciting new virtual technologies that are in their infancy that allow disabled people such as myself to experience things we would normally never be able to.  Check it out.

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The War Of The Frozen!

a0526c1d526eb65c77490e3e4703d668Ah, Summertime.  The season of baseball, days at the beach, muggy nights, and backyard barbecues galore.  Many people look forward to this time of year, and curse the winter with its snow and cold. For me, though, Summer means one thing and one thing above all else – the return of my arch enemy.  It’s a fight to the death, and this ice cold foe is always there, ready to drain me of all life force at a moment’s notice.  Who is this unholy succubus, you ask?  Continue reading “The War Of The Frozen!” »

Cause For Rheumatoid Arthritis Found?

soyoungCould it possibly be? Researchers in Osaka have discovered a “misfiled” protein that coats the outside of certain molecules in the body.  They claim that it is this protein that is being identified by the body as a foreign substance and why the body is subsequently attacking itself.  If this proved true, a cure could be literally five years away!!

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Frankenstein’s Footwear

simps-bootHere we are again, our time together has come once more.  Even though I make it look otherwise, it isn’t easy to find eclectic subjects to write about every two weeks. Oh sure, I can always find something run-of-the-mill to ruminate on – how bad I feel, how my disease takes things from me, the misery of the previous two weeks, and maybe even the bad decisions I’ve paid the price for.  The trick is coming up with something besides those usual gripes to talk about that you, my readers, might actually care about. Usually, something happens to me in the fourteen days between columns, so I get lucky. These past two weeks have been uneventful, though, so I have to resort to telling you about the latest fiasco with my ankle replacement. I implore you to bear with me and promise that as soon as aliens land in my back yard or my head falls off, I will share it with you posthaste.

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Has My Luck Run Out?

luckrunout“Ugh, my ankle still hurts. This is crazy. I thought that this replacement was going to be easy-peasy like the rest.”

I can’t tell you how many times in the last month-and-a-half I have uttered the phrase above. This procedure has been the most painful thing I have ever experienced. Just to be clear, by most painful I mean in terms of total time that I have been in pain. In terms of the most pain I have ever felt at once there have been a few instances where I have literally seen my life flash before my eyes, but that’s another column. I digress, though. Bottom line — my surgeon really went to town on my ankle, and I can feel it.

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New Year, New Ankle

ankle-replacementBy the time you read this, the ball will have dropped and the New Year will have officially started. As my faithful readers know, I did not post a blog entry last newsletter, and for that I truly apologize. In addition, because of the multiple postponements and delays that occurred with the right ankle replacement, the “ankle replacement blog” that I had planned to write also fell by the wayside. I have no excuse, and for all of this I throw myself on the mercy of the court. All I can do is relate the facts that I have been dealing with for the past month or so and let you make your own decision whether or not to lynch me.

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Ankle Replacement Surgery, Finally!

anklereplaceWell, here we are yet again. I still have not had my ankle replacement surgery. I know, it sounds like a bad joke at this point, but it’s true. The comedy of errors that has resulted in four postponements of my procedure is quite a tale. I will share a bit of it with you now.

When we last checked in, I was writing about my impending ankle surgery and If I remember correctly it was the coming Monday that the surgery was scheduled for. Well, I showed up that Monday, prepared for the surgery to take place. It was a late procedure, happening around dinner time, so I was not going to be in recovery until well after visiting hours.

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Surgery Cancelled Due To Doctor Politics

House-M.DLast time, I gave you the last piece of writing before I underwent the knife once again. This time getting my ankle replaced, I spoke about all the old fears and concerns surfacing anew. Well, the surgery has been postponed, much to my chagrin. Postponed not because of any valid, medical reason, but because of medical politics, a subject that I have spoken on before.

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We Can Rebuild Him… We Have The Technology

Cyborgs-vs-HumansWell, here we are again folks. One week from today I will be on my way to the hospital for yet another joint replacement. This time I will be losing my right ankle and inserting a metal one instead. Ankle replacements are much less common than hips and knees, so I’m going to become a member of an exclusive club, it seems. I already have three joints replaced, so this will be the fourth. Considering there are about 200 major joints in the body, I’m going to be approximately 2% machine. I wonder what the world record is for percentage of the body being replaced (while still being considered a human). Whatever it is, I’m sure I’ll break it someday.

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More Machine Than Man

darthvaderdeadThis past week, when I mentioned to one of my friends that I was going in for yet another joint replacement, he reminded me of this most appropriate of movie quotes. At first I laughed, but when I really considered what the quote said, I suddenly realized that it was strikingly appropriate. Both literally and figuratively, my body and mind are changing, becoming something different than I ever expected them to be. Just like the character to which the quote refers, I am on my own journey of self-discovery and I must suffer the tests put before me. I have ended up becoming something I never thought I’d become – and it happened so surreptitiously that I didn’t notice until it was too late.

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