Surgery Cancelled Due To Doctor Politics

House-M.DLast time, I gave you the last piece of writing before I underwent the knife once again. This time getting my ankle replaced, I spoke about all the old fears and concerns surfacing anew. Well, the surgery has been postponed, much to my chagrin. Postponed not because of any valid, medical reason, but because of medical politics, a subject that I have spoken on before.

Here’s how it went. I was preparing for surgery, both mentally and physically, and a week ago Wednesday I spent the entire day at the hospital undergoing pre-surgical testing. I was told that the pre-testing was mainly a formality, and the blood tests and x-rays were routine. Since I had done that type of screening before, I knew what to expect — no surprises. I knew no matter how early I showed up, it was going to take the majority of the day to complete. I settled in for the long haul, and made sure I took out a second mortgage to pay for the hospital parking garage.

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