Summer, You Know You Hate It!

heatI hear it everywhere: Another Labor Day, this summer really has gone fast, evaporating faster than I was even able to enjoy it, the lazy, crazy, hazy, days of summer.

Liars, liars, pantaloons on fire! The truth is most everyone secretly hates summer as much as I do.

We know we’re supposed to revel in the ‘beautiful’ weather and bask in the heat of the yellow sun and sip a glass of lemonade with a dog playing Frisbee.  Also, maybe a girl in a sundress dancing around as well.  Actually, that might have been a laundry detergent commercial I saw.

Whatever, the point is everyone needs to stop pretending summer is the best thing to happen since sliced bread. At least I admit that I can’t stand being hot, that I’m basically made of mosquito crack, and the humidity makes me sweat like a criminal in church.  Over the years, though, after overhearing people complain about the heat, the weather, and the bugs more times than I can count, I’ve come to the realization that everyone else secretly hates summer as well—but they just won’t admit it.

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