Stranded Under The Magic Kingdom Sea

littlemermaidWe start this trip down hilarity lane with my recent trip to Orlando. Those of you who read my column know that I took a trip to the happiest place on Earth with Allison, her sister, my mother, my sister, Allison’s nieces, Allison’s best friend from college, her husband, and finally, her best friend’s father. As you can imagine, the days that we all went to the park at the same time made for one big crew. We usually took up one entire car or section of seats on any ride that we went on.

In case you did not know, a Disney vacation involves more walking than an individual with R.A. should take part in, especially when that patient has undergone ankle replacement surgery only weeks before. To prevent any damage to my joints, Allison thoughtfully rented me a scooter to use. Because of my disability, and the fact that I was using the scooter allowed us to obtain a “guest assistance pass” for all the Disney parks. This pass is for those who are physically disabled or otherwise handicapped and allows for people like me (and my party) to enter rides through a special entrance. Ostensibly it’s a pass to jump the entire line. (The most we waited all trip was maybe fifteen minutes).

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