Spring, Weather Changes, and Arthritis

spring-birdsAs I look out the window, I see that the weather is changing again.  It’s that time of year when cold turns to hot, and the cycle of growth begins again.  Those of us who suffer from arthritis know this time well, as it is usually when we suffer the most.  No one can say exactly why, but there is certainly no shortage of theories.  Whether it’s barometric pressure affecting joints to the human body being able to actually sense the seasons, the simple fact is that we are affected more than the normal, everyday, human.

This past winter has been brutal in my part of the country, the Northeast.  We were blessed with a mild winter last year, and even before it came to a close I was saying that we were in for a harsh cold season the next time winter hits.  I wish I was wrong, but I wasn’t.  Here in New York, we have endured more sub-freezing temperatures over the last few months than we have in any time in recent memory.  Of course, this is no picnic for those of us who have arthritis.  Yes, it’s better for joints to be cold than hot, but neither extreme is good, and this winter was the very definition of extreme.

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