What’s That About Silver Linings?

vinylRecently, with the help of Christmas present funds and my new-found ability to save money, I have had the opportunity to do something I have been longing to do ever since I gave it up almost ten years ago after I left the DJ business – re-start my vinyl record collection and purchase a turntable. Most people consider vinyl records to be obsolete, from a by-gone age of music that went hand in hand with Volkswagen mini-busses with carpeted interiors and psychedelic mushrooms. In reality, though, the vinyl record scene is making a comeback right now, and for good reason – there are just certain things you cannot duplicate no matter how much technology you employ.

As I sit here and listen to a little bit of Led Zeppelin on the turntable, it occurs to me that I may be just like the vinyl record – obsolete and from a by-gone age of medicine. As most of you know, I am still suffering through the aftermath of having my ankle replaced. It has been quite an ordeal, much to my chagrin, and even though I expected it to be as much of a breeze as my previous joint replacements, I have been sorely disappointed at every turn. The recovery period is proving extremely lengthy, and my progress is now measured in healing per month rather than healing per day. I don’t expect to be fully recovered (if that is even possible) for at least one calendar year from the surgery date, and that’s a conservative estimate. The surprising part is that even my hip replacements where the entire top half of my femur was removed did not take this long to heal. Those of you who read my column know all of this already, though. What has occurred to me over the last few days is just how much of a dinosaur I truly am. Joint replacements are now a much less common occurrence for children who have been diagnosed with autoimmune Arthritis within the last ten years.

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