Shooting Blanks For Revenge

shootingblanksGuns. Rifles, shotguns, handguns, machine guns, assault rifles, pieces, boom sticks — whatever you call them, when the subject of firearms is raised, it seems everyone — even the most reserved of personalities — has an opinion on the state of gun control in our country. As of late, especially with the tragedy in Newtown fresh in our minds, it seems you cannot turn on the television or radio without a new proposed method to control the sale of guns being trotted out for our approval. Unfortunately, we are once again being reactive instead of proactive, and while these new laws and edicts may silence some of the critics of our supposedly “too lenient” gun laws, it really does nothing at all to curtail the sale or use of illegal firearms.

One of the things we love to do in this country is wait until a tragedy happens and then make a slew of laws in the wake of that tragedy, purportedly to prevent such a crime from happening again. We did it after 9-11 with all the TSA security changes and the passage of the Aviation and Transportation Security Act. We did it after the kidnap and rape of Megan Kanka in 1996 with Megan’s Law. And here we are in 2013, ready to do it again after thetragedy in Newtown. While some good comes of these laws, for sure, passing statutes right after tragedy is much like going food shopping when hungry — you end up with a pantry full of junk food and a refrigerator full of baloney. All the instant gratification foods we love are right at our fingertips, but the chop-meat and Idaho potatoes we use to make a healthy meal fall by the wayside. It is exactly the same with these laws. Instead of taking the time to consider the facts and design an informed and effective statute, we rush to put anything on the books in order to sate the bloodlust of revenge that the American public so overwhelmingly displays (if you listen to the media, that is).

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