Sexscript – A Prescription For Sex

sex1Sex. It’s a topic that many people are squeamish about, and some get downright embarrassed whenever the word is mentioned. For those healthy individuals among you, talking with your partner about sex is important, of that there is no doubt. When you are chronically ill, though, sex can get put at the bottom of the list when there are so many other concerns that seem more important.

Of course, as anyone who is in a relationship knows, sex is not something you can ignore for too long. If you do, eventually you won’t have to worry about sex at all because you’ll only be having it with yourself. So, it’s a subject that even the most reticent of us has to breach occasionally. There is no right way or wrong way to approach the topic, and all of us, from the most experienced to the non-experienced, have our own way of easing into this particular conversation.

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