sex1This week we are going to discuss something that makes some people blush, some people sit up and take notice, and some people very angry. You can put the children to bed and lock the dog and cat away because this week we are going to talk about that three letter word we all love and fear at the same time – sex.

“Did he just say sex?” Yes, I did. You see, no one talks about what it’s like for someone who is chronically ill to deal with all the issues that surround sex in all its facets. Even when speaking of normal, healthy, people, sexuality is a topic that most find speaking about awkward at best. Sure, there are deep-seeded reasons for this aversion, but the more immediate cause is that everyone is different. What one person finds attractive might be repulsive to another. It’s these differences that lead to potential embarrassment when discussing sex in all its forms, so many just avoid the topic altogether.

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