Rock A Party With The Best Of Them

pillsboozeThis past weekend, a relative of someone close to me finally had her long-awaited Senior High School Prom night. We envied her in her beautiful dress, and as we admired her we took a disgusting amount of pictures.  As many of us did, she and her date, wearing a tuxedo with a matching tie, got onto the party bus that they had rented with their friends and drove off into what was sure to be one of the most memorable nights of their lives. I was more than a bit jealous as they departed, remembering fondly the five proms I attended in my high school and early college days.

While I did have a fantastic time at the quintet of affairs that I went to so many years ago, I also remember some of the hard lessons I learned trying to survive those all-night affairs as a young adult with autoimmune illness.  So, since event season is just about here and many of you have proms, graduations, and other events coming, I will pass along some of the hard-won tips I have learned over the years. I have touched upon this subject before, but a more thorough reminder never hurts in this time of warm weather and blossoming adulthood.

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