We Can Rebuild Him… We Have The Technology

Cyborgs-vs-HumansWell, here we are again folks. One week from today I will be on my way to the hospital for yet another joint replacement. This time I will be losing my right ankle and inserting a metal one instead. Ankle replacements are much less common than hips and knees, so I’m going to become a member of an exclusive club, it seems. I already have three joints replaced, so this will be the fourth. Considering there are about 200 major joints in the body, I’m going to be approximately 2% machine. I wonder what the world record is for percentage of the body being replaced (while still being considered a human). Whatever it is, I’m sure I’ll break it someday.

Seeing as how this is just the latest in the long line of surgeries, you’d think I’d be old hand at it by now. You might think I could simply pop in, get cut open, have a few days rest, and pop back home to recover. Unfortunately, each time I go under the knife, it’s as if I am undergoing surgery for the first time all over again. Let me explain to you just how the day of the operation goes, for those who have been lucky enough never to experience a stay in the hospital.

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