Prolonging The Inevitable

beach-engulfed-by-tsunamiWhen it comes to a disease like Rheumatoid Arthritis, there are many uncertainties. In fact, there are more unknowns than there are solid facts, and if you can count on one hand the things you know for sure about your disease then consider yourself lucky. Unfortunately, in the case of my illness and, sadly, many others, there is one hard fact that we all wish we didn’t know.

Those of you who have been living with illness for a number of years know that there is one inescapable truth with an auto-immune disease – somewhere, at some time, the disease is going to flare up. There are many ways to detect impending flare-ups – blood tests, an overall feeling of malaise, an increase in nightly fevers, and many other symptoms. Every patient is unique, though, and each body reacts differently to the storm raging inside it. Whatever your indicator may be, I can promise you that after a certain amount of time living with your ailment, you will be able to detect when you have begun the slow downward spiral that leads to increased disease activity. Mine hit just recently, and I am doing my best to forestall the oncoming tsunami.

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