Parenting With R.A. – Dare I?

babanddadNow that I am growing older and have found someone who is worthy of consideration for having a family with, I find myself more and more contemplating the concerns that come along with such an undertaking. Having children can be trying for healthy parents, much less one who is disabled. The fears that I have will become real in just a few short years, if all goes to plan, and it’s given me pause as I seriously think about the different responsibilities that I will have to face one day soon.

Throughout my life, Rheumatoid Arthritis has prevented me from doing many things. Playing sports, going to parties, hanging out with girls, and even going to school were all events at which I could not guarantee my attendance. Missing those events gave me many a night of heartache in my young life, as you might imagine. As upsetting as those events were, though, they don’t compare to the arthritis-induced hardships that might face me in the near future. The game of “what if” is a much more sobering affair when you are dealing with the subject of having children.