Chronic Briefs Episode 3

Chronic-Briefs-791x1024So, the latest episode of Chronic Briefs has been released! Episode 3 details the side effects of medicine, and how they can be worse than the disease sometimes.  Especially in the case of one very unfortunate incident which I details in episode 3!  Enjoy!

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My New Podcast Series Chronic Briefs Is Now Live!

Chronic-Briefs-791x1024The podcast I have been working on for a while now is finally ready to go!  Thanks to the Telling Company, my partner is this endeavor!  You can check out the website for the episodes, or you can subscribe on iTunes to get them delivered directly to you!  Thanks so much!

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musclesAhhh… it’s good to be back!  Sorry for the hiatus!  So, I thought we’d start again by talking about something that those of us who are ill can have both a surplus and a startling lack of, simultaneously.  This is a thing we are often praised by others for having in spades, and something we often curse ourselves for not having enough of.  This thing, it’s at the core of what being ill truly means, yet we often take having it or not having it for granted, or both!  Have you figured it out yet?  It’s strength.

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To My Wife On Our First Anniversary – A Video Tribute

best-happy-anniversary-phrases-for-facebook-and-twitterA year ago today, a wonderful woman agreed to marry a weird-looking, disease-ridden, weird little creature.  That creature (me), will be forever grateful she decided to say yes, and he wants to thank her for a year full of love, life, and laughs.  In order to commemorate the event, here is a video tribute to you and all the things you are to me.  I hope it makes you laugh as much as I did making it.  (Also some tears.)  Enjoy and I love you, always!


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The Horrible, No-Good, Disgusting, Offensive, Traitorous, Indispensable Thing We Call a Compromise.

american-flag-2a2I know its been a while since there was a new post, but the hiatus is over! Here is my latest from The Huffington Post, something worth checking out in this atmosphere of political upheaval!

Unless you have been sequestered for an O.J. level criminal trial for the last few years, you have probably heard that people in our country are fed-up with Washington D.C., and, ultimately, the politicians we put there. While there are a multitude of individual reasons why this has happened, there is one, overarching fault that seems to be at the heart of the seething distaste for all the bureaucratic chicanery that seems to be synonymous with government these days. Compromise has become taboo, and negotiating and the art of making is now just as derided as a pair of anti-vaxxer parent who use maple syrup as a cure for meningitis. Mmmmm. More vaccine please, mom.

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Down With Free Speech!*

panny*Ignore obvious irony.

Hey all!  It’s been a long time since we had a post, and I’m sorry for that.  There has been some things bubbling behind the scenes and life also made itself known, as it so often does.  We are back, now, though, and ready to share the new year with you in writing, audio, and more!  To cap off this year, though, enjoy this part satire, part cautionary tale, story about the Yale students and their growing crusade to get rid of the first amendment.  Who would have ever though that college campuses would be the place free speech died?
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Pool Problems

gcpool-1For those of you who follow me locally, here is a new Patch post about the community pool and the problems I experienced this summer.

The Garden City Pool. Lately, it seems like the people in charge of making decisions there just can’t seem to get it right, even when they are trying extra especially hard. From voucher-gate to the decision to close the pool early on weekends, the management had made some considerable missteps. Events like the recent member appreciation night and the reversal (albeit a bit late) of the early close time on weekends definitely show someone is trying, but without a comprehensive plan in place, it’s worthless.

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The War On The War On Drugs

no-drugs-156771_640A new HuffPo article is up.  The War On Poverty. The War On Hunger. The War On Discrimination. The War On Racism. We absolutely love to declare war on things here in the U.S. Maybe it’s because “The non-violent police action against racism,” just doesn’t have the same ring to it, or maybe it’s because Americans love to do everything to extremes. You only need look to sports to confirm this. We took rugby, a sport where the players tape their ears down because of the very real chance of those ears being ripped off, decided it was too docile, and created the NFL.

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My September 11th Story

american-flag-2a2In honor of today, I am reposting my Huffington article called “My September 11th Story.”  I live in a suburb of New York City where we were hit especially hard by the losses of 9-11, and this is how it happened for me, minute by minute almost.  Read and reflect.

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What It Feels Like To Have Arthritis

arthritisNext year will be the 30thanniversary of my rheumatoid arthritis.  An auspicious anniversary to be sure, but I have lived through so much over the tenure of my illness that’s it’s difficult to put into words the full scope of my experiences.  There has been a disgusting amount of pain and suffering, but there has also been an equally fantastic amount of learning, meeting people, sharing, and being honored.

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