On My Leash

Police-training-leather-dog-leashFinally finding a medicine that works for me (for now) is certainly something to get excited about. Especially since I have only found a very small handful of medicines that have worked for me in the last 20 years of R.A. Unfortunately, as with everything in life, there is a trade-off, a downside to the medication itself – portability. In fact, this is true of many aspects of my illness.

For those of you who are confused right now, let me enlighten you. People like me who suffer from serious, chronic disease, are inexorably tied to the areas in which we live. This inability to move around the world freely can certainly take its toll. I am not just referring to vacationing or moving to a new location either, it can even apply to something as simple as a day trip. Why, you ask? Well, there are several reasons but the first and foremost of these reasons is medication.

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  1. LOL, for this post I searched for an image on Google with the term “person on a leash.” Oh, the terrible things I saw….

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