No One Left To Speak Up

briberyThis article has been something I’ve wanted to write for a while, but the time never felt right. Now, though, I finally have reached my breaking point. There is a very disturbing trend taking place right underneath our noses, and some of us are part of the problem and don’t even know it. It is a practice the government has been engaging in for years now, but our time has seen record numbers participating in this quid pro quo. Everywhere you turn now you can see it happening, or at the very least, spot the result of its influence. I call it the Great American Pay-Off.

Right now, one in six Americans receives some form of government assistance. That’s almost 17% of the entire population that’s getting a monthly check from the current administration. This figure includes Medicare, four of the government’s seventy welfare programs, and unemployment insurance. I’m sure that you have all heard time and again about how we cannot keep spending at this rate and have these programs survive. I’m sure you have also heard time and again how these programs are not even proven to help the recipients become self-sufficient. I’m sure you have even heard many say that the government assistance programs of today are not representative of the spirit in which the entire welfare system was created. These claims are all true, at least as far as I can figure it, but there is a much greater tragedy that is being perpetrated on the unsuspecting public — they are being paid off to keep their mouths shut.

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