Instead of New Year’s Resolutions, New Year’s Contributions!


newyearspartySo, here we are in 2014.  Normally, I would write some piece on New Year’s Resolutions and what I plan to do in the coming twelve months.  Somehow, these oft-forgotten assurances always seem to contain some derivative of a promise to lose weight and be healthier, a pledge to finish work that has been languishing on the back burner for eons, and a banal trio of pointless wishes for events that will never come to pass.  It’s a yearly ritual, though, and, just like everyone else, I always participate.  Well, it’s time to revolt, people!  No more shall New Year’s Resolutions enslave us and heap shame and guilt on top of our weary heads for weeks until we either forget them completely or move on to the next pointless crisis.

This year, we are not going to make a list of our faults and unaccomplished goals, instead we are going to turn things on their head and celebrate all the good things we have done since the last turnover of the calendar.  I christen them “New Year’s Contributions!”

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