The Mechanics Of Revulsion

digustedHere we are again. Another summer is beginning, and the weather is starting to change. Instead of cold and wet days and nights, we will soon have hot evenings and even hotter days.

Fortunately, the winter in my area this past year was mild, so I didn’t have to deal with the freezing cold and its effect on my joints. Unfortunately, I have been told this means the summer months are going to be unbearably hot and humid, which is a death sentence for me.

One of the ways I can tell that the summer months have really kicked in is by examining the contents of my pockets at the end of every day. If I pull out some various change along with a receipt for fast food, then it’s still springtime. If, instead, at the end of the day I pull out a wad of shredded napkins or a damp folded paper towel, then that means we have officially made it to summer. Thanks to all the medication I have taken over the years, it seems my body has decided to produce an overabundance of sweat.

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