Lifeus Interruptus

overwhelmedAs I was sitting and wondering what exactly I was going to write about this time around, I looked at my inbox and it hit me. The mountain of paperwork that was now forming its own “leaning tower of paper” was only one-fourth of the phone calls, letters, and bills I had to take care of. The reason that I will be tied up for weeks? Simple. My disease left me blowin’ in the wind for a little over a month.

As you all know, I recently had several consecutive long hospital stays for what amounted to a small case of pneumonia and then weeks of “hopefully this next test will tell us what’s wrong.” Because of this, my life was inadvertently put on hold. This is yet another misconception about chronic illness – most people think that something you live with everyday is actually less of an inconvenience than those diseases that come on fast and strong. If you really stop and think about it, the saying “chronic illness,” means an ailment that never goes away and always causes problems. You would think that this would be obvious, but just like the name “Arthritis,” it is not a word that impresses upon others the seriousness of the issue. People hear the word “chronic” and they instantly think “not dying,” so it must not be too terribly awful. If only that were true.

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