Know Thyself

Roman-mosaic-know-thyselfFirst off, let me apologize for being somewhat missing in action lately. I have been in and out of the hospital for almost a month now with a pneumonia type infection. This resulted in a secondary infection which was obtained during the first hospital visit. And so on. I will save the details of the month-long ordeal for a longer, more detailed piece, as there is so much I want to relate. Anyone who is in danger of spending time in a hospital will want to read about what me and my family have learned during this escapade. Hospitals are no longer a place for the sick to go to convalesce. They are just like any-other customer-service based business. Gone are the days where you simply said “yes, doctor,” and let the “team” perform any procedures they request. Today you have to fight for yourself and your body, and you have to strive to make the doctors listen to you. Listen to you, and actually hear you when you tell them “I know my body, and this is not right.”

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