Kids Don’t Get Arthritis!

new-year-sHow many times have you heard that?  I know, even once is too much. All of you who have signed up know how badly this stereotype hurts us. We have gotten a ton of new members recently, so I just wanted to welcome everyone new and say hello to everyone old, and make sure you both realize I’m still here!  I am working on many different projects so my days are super busy.

Without you guys, though, I’d have nothing, so I wanted to drop a line and tell you to expect some exciting things over the next few months, starting with the new TalkingJoints show, coming very soon!  It is in finally production right now, so once the green light is given, you can get ready to laugh your joints off! Thanks again, and keep checking back!  Anyone who hasn’t read my book, So Young, you can check it out over on the book page!