It Never Rains

big-boxer“The greatest test of courage on Earth is to bear defeat without losing heart.”

A man named Robert G. Ingersoll spoke the words above. He was the Attorney General of Illinois, was friends with Walt Whitman, and was regarded as one of the greatest orators of his time. After leading his Illinois regiment in the Battle of Shiloh in the Civil War, he was later captured. Like Ingersoll, I am fighting in my own war, with battles waged on a daily basis. Sometimes I am able to walk away victorious, and sometimes I’m not.

As some of you know, I am working on my first novel. I am always my own harshest critic, but even so, it is definitely the best work I’ve ever done. Because of this, I am eager to finish the book and begin the long process of finding an agent and a publisher. I have been working at a frantic pace, writing three or four thousand words a night. As you can imagine, this much typing would put a heavy strain on a healthy person’s wrists and fingers. Unfortunately, “healthy” is not a word that is frequently used when my wellbeing comes into question.