Internet Carnage Desensitization

girlfightEvery time I turn on the television these days, I see another video of teenagers engaged in violence against one another, or I see another news story about how bullying has resulted in a child’s death, or I see another viral video where some unsuspecting dupe has been caught on video in a horribly compromising position. It seems that our airwaves are being flooded with media that glorifies someone’s malicious desire to harm another human being. My question is, when did it become acceptable to humiliate and hurt our fellow man without a thought for the consequences?

Just a few days ago, I was strolling the Internet, looking for interesting articles to read as I often do, and I came across an all-too-familiar sight. It was a video that depicted two teenage boys fighting. These videos are a dime a dozen, but what set this one apart was the fact that the father of one of the young men was present at the dust-up, and this parent was instigating and exacerbating the horrible behavior unfolding before his eyes. The 16-year-old boy’s father was, in essence, calling shots for his son during the fight. Fortunately, once the video went viral, the parent was charged with several crimes, including child abuse. As I see it, though, charging this man with a crime is only mitigating the symptom, not the cause. After all, we are all responsible for creating the society that rewards this type of behavior and we all consume media that may be of questionable origin.