Insurance Assurance

Health-Insurance-CompaniesMedical insurance. To some, all these two words signify is a cost that results in a bit less salary, or a backup plan in case any of those “what ifs” actually happen. To others, it means a political cause to rally for or against. To a few of us, though, medical insurance can be a godsend or a source of stress and worry. Either way, it’s a necessity. Anyone who suffers from chronic illness can tell you the value of an accommodating insurance company, or the headache of a stingy provider.

Now, though, I find myself in an unfamiliar situation. Beginning this year, my primary medical insurance carrier changed to Medicare.

Since youth, I was fortunate enough to be covered under my father’s insurance plan. Even after he retired, I was able to retain the coverage because I was categorized as disabled. Thinking back, I wonder what I would have done if the coverage I had was not an option. More than likely, I would have had to find my own plan, and my parents would have had to pay for it out of their own pockets. For me, medical insurance coverage is as much of a basic need as eating or breathing. Without it, I would be wheelchair-bound, if I was here at all. Thankfully, not only was I covered, but the policy my family belonged to paid for many procedures, medicines, and items, that would normally be refused for payment. My insurance company was extremely accommodating, and for over fifteen years I enjoyed the benefits of having a “Cadillac” coverage policy.

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