The Gravy Trainwreck

train-wreckI read a very interesting statistic recently. It said that according to data gathered from the U.S. Census’ Survey of Income and Program Participation, almost 110 million citizens are now receiving some form of welfare benefits. Now, you may be saying, “well, of course, we are in a depression — ahem — recession.” That may be true, but let’s break the statistic down a bit further.

Now, it needs to be pointed out that this number does not include people who are only on Social Security, disability or otherwise. This number also does not include benefits from the Earned Income Tax credit, or from the subsidies from the proposed Obama health care law of 2014. Finally, this number does not include people who are only benefitting from Medicare. So, once you take these exceptions into account when realizing that the total population of the United States currently hovers around 300 million, you come to the conclusion that every third person you see on the street is receiving welfare in some form.

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