Some Of The Good Things In Arthritis This Week

proteinI have been writing this blog for over four years now, much to my surprise, and I have thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it. That being said, I have noticed as of late that more often than not, I write about something sad or maudlin, even though there is usually a message of hope or humor contained within. Well, I thought this week we could change things up and talk about some of the good things going on.

First and foremost, there was news this week that the cause of Rheumatoid Arthritis might have been discovered! Yes, I know we have been led down the primrose path many times before, but this time it really sounds like the scientists may be on to something. An international group of researchers in Japan at Osaka University have announced that they have found that people susceptible to Rheumatoid Arthritis developed the disease after a “cellular misfolded protein” was transported to the surface of the body’s cells without being properly processed. When this misfolded protein ended up on the surface of the molecules without being processed into a peptide, it resulted in the body misidentifying these cells as foreign antibodies and invading bacteria and viruses. Whoa, that’s a mouthful! Let me see if I can break it down.

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