Exercise With Heart

heartexerciseAs many of you know, when the summertime comes, I usually try to do some sort of exercise. In addition, I keep a garden going as well when the weather gets warmer. So, since that time of year is coming around again, I am making preparations to exercise and plant the garden. In addition, because of the heart attack, my cardiologist has recommended that I begin some cardio-therapy, a.k.a. riding the stationary bike. Seeing as how I normally avoid exercise like the plague, I am dreading getting on the exercise bicycle at therapy. No matter what, though, my desire to be among the living for as long as possible supersedes all other concerns, so I will do my best to “sweat it out.”

This past week, as I jumped back into physical activity, it became apparent that I am extremely out of shape. I’m so out of shape, in fact, that I was actually getting a bit nervous on my first bike ride of the season. Along with two other weekend escapades into physicality, I certainly didn’t “feel the good burn” as my muscles and joints screamed for relief.

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