Dan gets Engaged To “Go Home” Allison!

engagementringThis past week, after more than two years together, my longtime companion who also happens to be the love of my life, agreed to be my wife for some unfathomable reason.  I know that some of my adoring female fans may shed a tear tonight, but I couldn’t wait any longer to make Allison just as happy as I was when I saw the ring for the first time. Besides, she wasn’t going to wait forever! (Actually, she might have.)

So, here I am, “fiancée” to another person.  Not just any person, either — one of the most caring, understanding, patient, beautiful, women I have ever met.  It occurred to me as I was attempting to think of a subject for this week’s post that you do not know the full story of how Allison and I met.  Now, I know that this only has a passing relation to autoimmune illness, but I’ll ask you to forgive a fool in love who longs to preen.

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