Artie Rumer’s ER Trip Posted To Short Stories

erI have added a new short story to the “Short Stories” section of the website. This one tells the story of Arthur Rumer, a man who suffers from arthritis who has just dislocated his prosthetic hip. As he is being wheeled through the emergency room, he overhears a conversation about something that piques his journalistic interest. Following up on the lead, Artie discovers something horrid, and just as he Continue reading “Artie Rumer’s ER Trip Posted To Short Stories” »

The Last Syon

Land-On-Alien-Planet_Wallpaper_fpxy5I have posted a new short story in the “Short Stories” area of the website. It is an interesting tale of the downfall of a slightly alien society that treated some of their citizens like slaves, and the result of doing so. The humans, on the other hand, have a weapon that can wipe them out in one fell swoop. Should they use it? Would they be any better than the beings they are Continue reading “The Last Syon” »