Our Hands Can! My Book Awarded As Prize!

bookA while back, my friend Lene Andersen from The Seated View had asked for a signed copy of my book to give as a prize for her Our Hands Can! event for the month of October.  Well, the October event has happened, and the winner has been declared.  I just want to say thank you to my friend Lene and everyone over at The Seated View for this great honor.  I’m truly humbled by all the work and great writing Lene and others post over there, and all I can say is keep up the great work! Thanks!  Check it out yourself.

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Kids Don’t Get Arthritis!

new-year-sHow many times have you heard that?  I know, even once is too much. All of you who have signed up know how badly this stereotype hurts us. We have gotten a ton of new members recently, so I just wanted to welcome everyone new and say hello to everyone old, and make sure you both realize I’m still here!  I am working on many different projects so my days are super busy.

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Cause For Rheumatoid Arthritis Found?

soyoungCould it possibly be? Researchers in Osaka have discovered a “misfiled” protein that coats the outside of certain molecules in the body.  They claim that it is this protein that is being identified by the body as a foreign substance and why the body is subsequently attacking itself.  If this proved true, a cure could be literally five years away!!

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Article About “So Young” In The Garden City News

bookIt seems one of the local papers here on Long Island has done me the honor of posting an article about my book.  Hopefully it’s just the first of many.  Thanks to everyone for all the love and support!

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I’m on WFAS Radio Tomorrow (11/22)!

ghjjI will be on WFAS radio Westchester tomorrow sometime between 4-5PM talking about chronic pain and the like. If you cannot get that radio station, feel free to tune in online. Thanks so much!


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