Chronic Briefs Episode 11 Out Now

The eleventh episode of Chronic Briefs, my short podcast series, is now available for download and listening!  This one deal with turning 40, as many of us are starting to do.  Listen, laugh, and enjoy!

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Chronic Briefs Episode 8, 9, & 10

Chronic-Briefs-791x1024For some reason a few of the posts lately haven’t gone through, morse the pity.  So while this is bad news for me, it means a late Christmas present for you!  You get to listen to three episodes of Chronic Briefs in a row!  The dulcet tones of my voice will lull you into a comedic stupor all day.  Enjoy!

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Chronic Briefs Episode 6

Chronic-Briefs-791x1024The latest episode of Chronic Briefs is available now!  Tis one deals with Schadenfreude.  If you don’t know what it means.. check out the podcast!

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Chronic Briefs Episode 4

Chronic-Briefs-791x1024For those who don’t subscribe already on iTunes, episode 4 of my storytelling series Chronic Briefs is out.  Check it out today!

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Chronic Briefs Episode 3

Chronic-Briefs-791x1024So, the latest episode of Chronic Briefs has been released! Episode 3 details the side effects of medicine, and how they can be worse than the disease sometimes.  Especially in the case of one very unfortunate incident which I details in episode 3!  Enjoy!

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My New Podcast Series Chronic Briefs Is Now Live!

Chronic-Briefs-791x1024The podcast I have been working on for a while now is finally ready to go!  Thanks to the Telling Company, my partner is this endeavor!  You can check out the website for the episodes, or you can subscribe on iTunes to get them delivered directly to you!  Thanks so much!

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Remember, Talking Joints Is Still There For The Listen!

CJ-TalkingJoints-img-150x150Talking Joints, my audio wed storytelling series is garnering some serious acclaim.  If you have not listened yet, or are unable to find it, here is the link again.  Listen to me opine about some of the crazy things that have happened to me because of my disease, and talk about some of the thoughts and fears that we all share, chronically ill or not.  They are only about five minutes each, so it should take no time at all to listen.

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Health Central Article On Me & Talking Joints!

CJ-TalkingJoints-img-150x150Health Central, one of the more respected health-related website on the net, has conducted a profile on me that focuses on the new Talking Joints storytelling series.  Even though it has only been out for a short time, the response to the three episodes available has been amazing.  Check out the article and then, if you have not already, check out Talking Joints and listen to two or three episodes.  If you have already heard it, well, listen again, it can’t hurt!  Start quoting it to your friends and family, and possibly even start tagging objects with sayings from the show.

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The Official Launch Of Talking Joints

CJ-TalkingJoints-img-150x150For the official launch of Talking Joints, I made it the subject of a new post on Creaky Joints.

The TalkingJoints storytelling series, where I recount some of the crazy antics that have befallen me while dealing with different aspects of my disease, is finally here.  I apologize that it took so long to come to fruition, but it was a long road o’ hoe.  The 5-minute episodes, or what I like to call popcasts, represent more work that you probably realize, so it means a lot to me and the rest of the people who helped make it happen.  Enough about hardships, though, let’s talk about how TalkingJoints came into being, and why it’s so important.

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Interview On Dialogues With Dan Tonight

ghjjI will be on the show Dialogues with Dan tonight, talking about my book, my disability, and other things.  I will be on at 630 pm EST, and anyone who isn’t in the Nyack area can listen in at  Check it out at the link below!

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