Your Bucket List

bucketThis week I was going to write about something funny, something trivial, and something light in order to offset the heartfelt but maudlin tribute that the last column turned into. As I often do, I had something pretty spectacular lined up, guaranteed to make you all laugh. Unfortunately, as I am writing this entry, I simply do not feel like laughing, and when I explain why you will certainly agree.

As I was cruising on the highway, thinking about what subject to pontificate on, the phone text message notification sounded. I picked up my phone and read the text on the screen. The message read “…’s mother suddenly died last night.” In the few seconds before my brain caught up with my eyes, I thought “oh, how terrible.” Then, once my mind took in the full gravity of the situation, I almost had to pull off the road. Someone who was a good friend of mine, someone I had known for almost 20 years, had just lost her mother — a mother whom I had met several times and spoke with on more than one occasion. As my Grandfather had just died less than a week before, I felt the pain more than most.

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