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So Young – A Life Lived With Rheumatoid Arthritis

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So Young is the compelling story of a frightened but determined nine-year-old boy who suddenly comes down with a flu-like illness. For years, doctors attempted to classify his disease, an ailment that caused joint and muscles aches, low-grade fevers, and mystery pain for weeks at a time. Finally and tragically, with no other theories on the table, he was diagnosed with Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis. Despite the innocuous name, this crippling condition plagued the boy until he became an adult, with his symptoms multiplying many times over. Now, he has been fighting Rheumatoid Arthritis for over 25 years, and his story is a compelling, poignant, and exciting tale of life, love, and tragedy. It is guaranteed that you do not know how much a disease called arthritis can impact a life, so check out Daniel’s story and become informed. Kids get arthritis too!





SUPERnormal is Daniel P. Malito’s first novel. This exciting adventure follows the life of David Peters, a lowly janitor who is doomed to live the life of a regular human in a world where most people have fantastic abilities. Through an accident of circumstance, David and his human friends become the key to defeating the diabolical plans of an evil trio of super villains. Will they succeed?

Daniel P. Malito has lived most of his life as a disabled person is a world that wasn’t built for the handicapped. This book was borne out of the feelings that such an existence elicits. Come and take a look behind the curtain into the everyday dark and fascinating mind of Daniel P. Malito! If all goes well, SUPERnormal should be out early next year!

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