And The Band Played On…

titanicLast time, we recapped the sordid events of 2011, and those of you who follow my column know that besides one very happy chance meeting, the 12 months of ’11 were generally less joyful than most funerals. That’s fine though, because 2012 is here now, and a new chapter in the “book of me” has begun.

I made a promise to myself that 2012 was going to be the year of me, and in contrast to 2011, this year was going to be filled with positive events. It is going to be the year that I really break out with my writing, the year I get my first book officially released (look for it here on CJ soon), and the year my health finally stabilizes. I was giddy when 2011 ended, and along with reconnecting with some of my old friends, I was given a wonderful surprise party on my birthday in January that set the New Year off with a bang.

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