Arthritis Is A Smelly Nerd With Thick Black Glasses

nerdAutoimmune disease — and arthritis in particular — is a very frustrating illness to help find a cure for. Arthritis doesn’t have a celebrity who is on TV all the time, constantly crusading. Arthritis doesn’t have a color of ribbon to call its own. Arthritis always ends up last on most people’s donation lists, if at all.

Simply put, arthritis isn’t sexy.

Many of us who suffer with arthritis have experienced this bias firsthand. If you don’t know what I am talking about, try this simple experiment:  The next time someone harasses you for a donation when you are coming out of the grocery store, tell him or her you will match whatever he or she has given to children with arthritis in the last year. If they look at you like you have four heads, then you have just been privy to the non-sexiness of arthritis.

Let’s face it folks, we will never be breast cancer, we will never be AIDS, and we will never be autism. Those three diseases are what I consider the trifecta of sexy charities, and they account for the top three most compelling draws for the limited amount of charity money available (based on my own, admittedly biased, research).

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