Arthritis a pain in the neck? Sometimes you just need a new pillow.

My pillow – it’s one of the few things I own that I absolutely couldn’t live without. Sure, I have gadgets that I love to play with, and I have a closet full of clothes that make me look lovemypillowdebonair, and I even have a fantastic record player and some of the greatest music ever written on original vinyl, but as super awesome as all of that is, I don’t need it to live.  I could sit around and read old newspapers all day for entertainment, if I had to, I’m not picky.  What I do need, though, are the things that help me avoid pain, and that includes the stiffness in my back and neck that can happen in the morning.  The only relief I have found is my in my pillow.

Now, I wouldn’t call it an arthritis pillow per se, but I buy it specifically to help with the constant stiffness that plagued me for months.  I’d get out of bed in the morning with a fire burning in my neck, and no amount of pain pills would help at all.  Add this to the pressure and discomfort that comes from the problems with my spine, and it would frequently make for a very bad day.  It got so bad that I was not able to stand for more than five minutes at a time without excruciating pain crippling me and I’d double over.  It was becoming a serious issue, and that’s when someone suggested I get an arthritis pillow to help my neck.

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