American-American, but only in America.

American-Flag-450x299Recently, I was having a discussion with my soon-to-be wife. We were discussing the way that everyone in the U.S. today seems to qualify his or her “American-ness” with some other descriptor. For instance, you aren’t just Italian, you’re an Italian-American, and you aren’t just broke, you’re a Penniless-American.

Fortunately, I am blessed with a fiancée who enjoys discussing topics of great social and political import, as my knowledge of RHONJ will prove. It’s part of the reason I’m marrying her, and our latest conversation about just what makes someone American resulted in some very interesting conclusions, or more accurately, some very interesting questions. For what does it really mean to be a citizen here in the United States, and who, for that matter, has the most right to call themselves “American” without having to qualify it with another adjective? What criteria should we use?

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One thought on “American-American, but only in America.

  1. On sept 24th of this month we are to wear orange because we need to feed America’s children… AMERICA’s children need a fund raiser to be fed??? That seems to be the profound thinking of the day….. We can give healthcare to the undocumented we can feed Biafra, excuse my historical reference, we can send arms to countries who cleverly then use them on us through our federal funding (taxes)
    BU T we need a bake sale to increase the diabetes population to populate our school libraries with books, a raffle of something I do NOT want to win any way-to achieve a new fire hose/ladder/truck and a donation box to clothe OUR homeless.

    Why is it that when we are taught patriotism it is America first, yet when we are taught politics is it AMERICA AND AMERICANS last???????

    And what happens if we do not succeed in fundraising sufficient money/food. How do you choose the one who starves to death, another raffle?
    Also, do you think any other country in this world would buy a cake/raffle/or donate to us? HELL NO!

    I am now stepping down from my soap box, give me your hand. This type of tirade should be printed on an orange background and sent out on Sept 24th !!!!

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