To My Wife On Our First Anniversary – A Video Tribute

best-happy-anniversary-phrases-for-facebook-and-twitterA year ago today, a wonderful woman agreed to marry a weird-looking, disease-ridden, weird little creature.  That creature (me), will be forever grateful she decided to say yes, and he wants to thank her for a year full of love, life, and laughs.  In order to commemorate the event, here is a video tribute to you and all the things you are to me.  I hope it makes you laugh as much as I did making it.  (Also some tears.)  Enjoy and I love you, always!


Watch the video.

The Horrible, No-Good, Disgusting, Offensive, Traitorous, Indispensable Thing We Call a Compromise.

american-flag-2a2I know its been a while since there was a new post, but the hiatus is over! Here is my latest from The Huffington Post, something worth checking out in this atmosphere of political upheaval!

Unless you have been sequestered for an O.J. level criminal trial for the last few years, you have probably heard that people in our country are fed-up with Washington D.C., and, ultimately, the politicians we put there. While there are a multitude of individual reasons why this has happened, there is one, overarching fault that seems to be at the heart of the seething distaste for all the bureaucratic chicanery that seems to be synonymous with government these days. Compromise has become taboo, and negotiating and the art of making is now just as derided as a pair of anti-vaxxer parent who use maple syrup as a cure for meningitis. Mmmmm. More vaccine please, mom.

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