My One-Ton Security Blanket

explorerAny of you who have been in a long-term relationship know that there are certain, hmm, let’s call them “debates,” that crop up again and again.  One of those recurring issues between Allison and I stems from the fact that I like to drive everywhere, while she prefers to take mass transit whenever possible.  To be completely honest, she’s probably got much more of a leg to stand on than I do when it comes to this tug-of-transportation-war, but relationship issues and logic don’t often collide. Continue reading “My One-Ton Security Blanket” »

Politically Disabled: Net Neutrality & The End of Porn

pink-bikiniWelcome to the first installment of Politically Disabled. Named so partially because I am legitimately disabled, but also because people are paying less and less attention to current events these days. In trolling the net I discovered, much to my chagrin, that there was a startling lack of knowledge about politics, a subject that should actually be close to all of our hearts. To make matters worse, I frequently came across individuals, both online and offline, who were misinformed or had entirely misinterpreted the facts of a given issue. It’s becoming an epidemic.

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World Cup & Rheumatoid Arthritis

soccerAnyone who knows me knows I am a huge soccer fan.  Of course, being a soccer fan in America is a bit like being a vegetarian in the middle of Texas cattle country – everyone respects your choice but no one quite understands why you made it.   Either way, we soccer fans, or football as it is properly called, experience heaven once every four years, and it is called the World Cup.  This tournament, kind of like the Super Bowl, the Stanley Cup, and the World Series all rolled up into one, is a worldwide phenomenon where fans get so worked up that people have been killed over match results.

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