Spring, Weather Changes, and Arthritis

spring-birdsAs I look out the window, I see that the weather is changing again.  It’s that time of year when cold turns to hot, and the cycle of growth begins again.  Those of us who suffer from arthritis know this time well, as it is usually when we suffer the most.  No one can say exactly why, but there is certainly no shortage of theories.  Whether it’s barometric pressure affecting joints to the human body being able to actually sense the seasons, the simple fact is that we are affected more than the normal, everyday, human. Continue reading “Spring, Weather Changes, and Arthritis” »

Facebook Chooses Profits Over Not-For-Profits

thumbs-down1My latex Huffington Post piece deals with an alarming issue. Recently, Facebook decided to change the way they populate user’s newsfeeds. Many of you have probably noticed items in your feed that you haven’t subscribed to or liked, and other things that used to show up in your homepage all the time now very rarely appear or never show up at all. Those of you who haven’t noticed, it’s time to come home from Farmville and complete the Candy Crush Saga already.

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