Cause For Rheumatoid Arthritis Found?

soyoungCould it possibly be? Researchers in Osaka have discovered a “misfiled” protein that coats the outside of certain molecules in the body.  They claim that it is this protein that is being identified by the body as a foreign substance and why the body is subsequently attacking itself.  If this proved true, a cure could be literally five years away!!

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My Interview On Healthcentral

20140226-141921.jpgWell it seems this is the week for interviews as another one of my chats has been posted today. This one is with my friend Lene Andersen from The Seated View.

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My Interview On Dialogues With Dan

interviewThe video for my interview on the Dialogues with Dan show is posed over at YouTube.  You can visit for that and other great shows.  The interview went fantastic (or so I’m told), and Dan was a perfect host. Check it out!




Interview On Dialogues With Dan Tonight

ghjjI will be on the show Dialogues with Dan tonight, talking about my book, my disability, and other things.  I will be on at 630 pm EST, and anyone who isn’t in the Nyack area can listen in at  Check it out at the link below!

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Article About “So Young” In The Garden City News

bookIt seems one of the local papers here on Long Island has done me the honor of posting an article about my book.  Hopefully it’s just the first of many.  Thanks to everyone for all the love and support!

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Fed Up With Pain & Suffering!

shoulder_pain_smlPain and suffering, it’s our milieu.  It’s also something that many of us who are chronically ill have to deal with on a regular basis, and while we all start out dealing with it differently, we all usually end up in the same place.  We reach a sort of forced peace with pain and discomfort, and it becomes so much a part of our lives that we are hard pressed to think of what life would be without it.

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Ankle Surgery Goes Awry?

anklereplaceTrust is a funny thing.  How does the saying go?  “Trust takes a lifetime to build and one second to ruin.”  That’s not exactly true, though, is it?  In fact, in some situations trust can be given as fast as it’s destroyed – one second.  We trust so many people each day with decisions that range from inconsequential to life altering, and doctors especially seem to gain our trust within the span of just one visit, which sometimes lasts less than fifteen minutes.

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