New Secret Walgreens Pain Pill Policy Discovered!

medicareApparently ,Walgreens has been circulating a secret checklist to their Pharmacies about pain pills and what to do when people come to fill these much-needed scripts! It’s incredible!

Walgreens’ one-page checklist must be used by its pharmacy staff each time a  customer presents a prescription for a powerful narcotic. Oxycodone, Methadone, Hydromorphone (Dilaudid), Morphine, Fentanyl and Opana are included on the list of Walgreens’ “target drugs” because they are all highly-addictive controlled substances that government regulators have placed in a high-risk category for prescription drug abuse.

According to the GFD checklist: a pharmacist is required to complete four mandatory steps before filling a prescription for one of the GFD Policy target drugs:

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A New Book About Pain

bookOne of my good friends from Creky Joints has released a new book about pain and how those of us with disease cope with it! You can check it out over on Amazon, and write a good review!

What is pain? Is it just one thing, always undesirable, or does it have other qualities? Is it useful, at times even necessary? What is it like to live with chronic pain? 7 Facets: A Meditation on Pain is a short ebook about pain, its qualities, roles and impact on the people who live with it every day. Created as a poem in prose, this lyrical exploration of a difficult topic shines a light on an aspect of life which we prefer to ignore. Author Lene Andersen has lived with rheumatoid arthritis and chronic pain for over four decades. She uses this experience to delve deep Continue reading “A New Book About Pain” »

Sorry, No Pain Pills Here!

NSAID-pain-reliefLast week, my esteemed colleague Sandi of Sandi’s Ow! posted an article about her growing anger with those who abuse pain medicine. These people are making it harder for legitimate narcotic users to get medicine, such as Sandi and myself. Well, I had planned to write about my own horrible pain pill adventures before I even knew Sandi was penning her column about a similar subject. Unlike her, though, I blame the government more than the addicts.

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Shout Outs To Some Of My Fellow RA Fighters Online

ghjjSo, here we are, folks, the brand new CreakyJoints website is up and running! It is cause for celebration, make no mistake as CJ has been a net destination about autoimmune illness for many years now! I have been privileged enough to be on the team for almost five years, but Seth and the crew has been doing their best to make the plight of autoimmune disease a household cause for much longer than that.

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